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  • kathisophobia — kath·i·so·pho·bia .kath i sō fō bē ə n fear of sitting down * * * kath·iso·pho·bia (kath″ĭ so foґbe ə) intense, irrational fear of sitting down …   Medical dictionary

  • List of diseases (K) — A list of diseases in the English wikipedia.DiseasesTOC KaKab Kas* Kabuki syndrome * Kalam Hafeez syndrome * Kaler Garrity Stern syndrome * Kallikrein hypertension * Kallmann syndrome with Spastic paraplegia * Kallmann syndrome with heart disease …   Wikipedia

  • cathisophobia — cath·iso·pho·bia (kath″ĭ so foґbe ə) [Gr. kathizein to sit down + phobia] kathisophobia …   Medical dictionary

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